Meat @ The Old Inn

From the award-winning chef Andrew Yates

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Kitchen Opening Hours for sit in or takeaway
Tue - Sun 12:00 - 20:00

Our award winning burgers and sweet Hawaiian brioche buns are made from scratch inhouse daily. Our chips are triple cooked and sauces made inhouse. Please allow a minimum time of 20 mins when ordering.

Dead Man - £14.95

6oz double burger, double bacon, pulled pork, smoked cheddar, mature cheddar, beef tomato, dill pickle, shoestring onions, dirty mayo and bacon mustard.

Murderous Hog - £10.95

6oz burger, pulled pork, bacon, smoked cheddar, beef tomato, little gem, bacon & bourbon jam, chilli mayo and buffalo sauce.

Lovebite - £9.95

6oz burger, candied Parma ham, pickled chargrilled onions, chilli jam, bacon, peanut butter and buffalo sauce.

Truckdriver - £7.00

6oz burger, emmental, burger sauce.

S.O.B - £9.95

6oz burger, double bacon, emmental and mature cheddar, bacon fat caramelised onions, dill pickle, bacon burger sauce and bacon butter.

Pignut - £10.95

6oz burger, haggis, chorizo, smoked cheddar, beef tomato, little gem, bacon, bourbon jam and a Jack Daniels glaze.

NightSun (v) - £9.95

Veggie burger, grilled marinated halloumi, grilled pineapple, pickled chargrilled onions, roasted peppers, chilli jam, lime juice and sriracha.

Fed To The Boars - £11.95

6oz burger, Stornoway black pudding, crispy Parma ham, pork belly, Stilton, beef tomato, pickled chargrilled onions, chilli jam and burnt apple confit.

WorldEater - £10.45

6oz burger, crispy Parma ham, mature cheddar, parmesan crisp, bacon fat caramelised onions, dill pickle, bacon burger sauce and roast tomato and bacon relish.

Space Honky - £10.95

6oz burger, crispy Parma ham, chorizo, mature cheddar, garlic and lime and chilli marinated tomato, red onion, chimichurri, roasted garlic mayo and sriracha.

Brodie - £9.95

6oz burger, double cheddar, porcini and anchovy butter, pork fat caramelised onions and Fuku mayo.

Crimson King - £9.95

Southern fried chicken breast, double bacon, sweet pickled onions, bacon peanut butter, grilled pineapple and peri-peri sauce, beef tomato, chilli mayo and sriracha.

George - £8.95

6oz burger, ketchup, Monterey jack and emmental, NYC onions and American mustard.

Nachthexen - £11.95

6oz burger, candied bacon, Stornoway black pudding, smoked brie, garlic and lime, chilli marinated tomato, roasted garlic mayo, sriracha and apricot confit.

Carneficina - £9.95

6oz burger, grilled salami, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan crisp, arrabbiata sauce and sweet pickled onions.

Red Mist - £10.95

Fried chicken, chorizo, double bacon, mature cheddar, bacon fat caramelised onions, beef tomato, little gem, BBQ sauce and buffalo sauce.

WeedEater - £9.95

Veggie burger, mature cheddar, dill pickle, beef tomato, shoestring onions, BBQ sauce, garlic mayo and buffalo sauce.

Hunchback - £10.95

6oz burger, double bacon, double emmental, sweet pickled onions, bacon and chorizo and pineapple jam, burger sauce and sriracha.

Upgrade Fries Section

Chilli Cheese, Pulled Pork, Bastard (Chimichurri, Sriracha & Chorizo), Bitch (Burger Sauce & Bacon), Sweetheart (Truffle Oil & Parmesan)



Other tasties

Check out our sides and lite bites, all hand made and cooked in house to perfection!


Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip - £5.95


Onion Rings - £3.95


Haggis Bonbons - £4.95


Pork Belly Bites - £4.95


Triple Cooked Chips - £2.95


French Fries - £2.95


Bastard Fries - £5.00

(Chorizo & Chimichurri)  

Sweetheart Fries - £5.00

(Parmesan & Truffle Oil)  

Bitch Fries - £5.00

(Bacon & Burger Sauce)

Chilli Cheese Fries - £5.00

(Meat sauce, peri-peri, mature cheddar)

Halloumi Fries with Sweet Chilli Sauce - £6.00


Quesadilla - £5.95

- Chorizo, chimichurri and mature cheddar.
- Shredded chicken, parmesan, Caesar and sweet pickled onions.


Lite Bites

Mini Mac 'n' Cheese - £3.95


Mini Mac 'n' Cheese with Bacon, Pulled Pork & Chillies - £5.95


Tacos - £5.95

All served with red cabbage Fuku slaw, sweet pickled onions and a drizzle of sriracha. - Pulled pork, meat sauce and Monterey jack. - Chicken, chorizo and Monterey jack.  

Nachos - £4.95

Mature cheddar, roasted garlic mayo, BBQ sauce and sriracha.  

Big Pig - £10.95

As above but bigger, with added pulled pork, bacon, parma ham, red onion and sliced chillies.

Extra Sauces

Various - £0.50 each

BBQ Sauce, Chilli Mayo, Blue Cheese, Garlic Mayo, Burger Sauce, Sweet Chilli, Buffalo Sauce.


Caesar Salad - £6.95

Roast chicken, little gem, Caesar dressing, crispy parma ham, spring onions, poached egg.  


Various - £3.50 each

Orea, Mint Aero, Strawberry Cheesecake, Reese's Peanut Butter

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